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Do I need to fast before my blood tests?

No fasting is necessary unless your doctor has ordered a Fasting Glucose, Fasting Lipid Panel, Fasting Metabolic Panel, Fasting Cholesterol, HDL, or Triglycerides.

Do I need to make appointments for lab & x-ray services?

Generally, tests require a physician’s requisition and some tests will require appointments.  Kindly contact relevant department.

Dawnett Ferguson

Registered Pharmacist

Nadia Martinborough

X-ray Technologist

Taneca Malcolm-Ward

Physical Therapist Assistant

Lakesha Joseph

Dr. Margo Munroe, M.D.


Dr. Nelson Clarke, M.B. Ch.B.


Dr. W. Owen Bastian, D.D.S.

General Dentistry

Do you perform Cat Scans & MRI Scans?

Yes, CAT scans performed using Philips 16 slice scanner, and MRI scans performed using Philip 1.5 Tesla scanner