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Does an x-ray procedure hurt?

No it does not. X-ray is a form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum that cannot be felt.. The radiation dose used in x-rays for diagnostic purposes is very low.

Can the Lab help me interpret my results?

It is advised that all questions related to your tests be addressed to your physician who will interpret your results in conjunction with the information about your medical history, physical examination and other tests and provide you with medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

What is the turnaround time for receiving results?

Turnaround time for routine lab tests is one working day. Should you require additional information please call the lab.

How long should I fast?

Nothing to eat or drink for 10-14 hours before coming in for service, except water.

Do I need to fast before my blood tests?

No fasting is necessary unless your doctor has ordered a Fasting Glucose, Fasting Lipid Panel, Fasting Metabolic Panel, Fasting Cholesterol, HDL, or Triglycerides.

Do I need to make appointments for lab & x-ray services?

Generally, tests require a physician’s requisition and some tests will require appointments.  Kindly contact relevant department.

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Registered Pharmacist

Nadia Martinborough

X-ray Technologist

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Dr. Margo Munroe, M.D.